Partner Spotlight – Our Social Partners

We are excited to work with incredibly supportive partners that make the European Quantum Technology Conference (EQTC) 2023 the powerful and inspiring event it is. Thanks to their contributions, we can amplify the network and community aspects of the EQTC 2023. Read further to learn more about them and to prepare yourself to catch them at the exhibition!

Quantum Delta NL – Kickoff Partner

for creating a truly unique Welcome Reception

To be found at booth: F06

Quantum Delta NL is a dynamic and innovative quantum technology ecosystem located in Europe that strives to create significant societal impact through technological advancements. We connect people in the quantum field and beyond, providing opportunities to learn, collaborate, and achieve more together. 

Their ecosystem is built around three catalyst programs – quantum computing and simulation, national quantum network, and quantum sensing applications – and tied together with four action lines – research and innovation, quantum ecosystem, human capital, and societal impact.

Wilhelm and Else Heraeus Foundation – Community Partner

for highlighting the importance of cross-border scientific collaboration

The Wilhelm and Else Heraeus Foundation is a private institution that supports scientific research and education with an emphasis on physics. Organizing WE-Heraeus Seminars is the most important and oldest funding activity of the foundation. The topics cover cutting-edge research in both physics and neighboring fields. Trademark of these meetings is an informal atmosphere with plenty of opportunity for personal contacts. The conference venue is usually the physics centre („Physikzentrum“) in Bad Honnef. Beyond funding and organisation research seminars, the foundation supports events such as the EQTC 2023 that go beyond the immediate focus and operative programs of the foundation itself. 

Quandela – Serendipity Partner

for inspiring new, lasting connections across science and industry

To be found at booth: F11

Quandela designs quantum computers. Their goal is to provide a European-based answer to the challenges facing industry and academia worldwide. Benefiting from years of fundamental science, they are a young team of award-winning physicists and accomplished engineers. The company was founded in 2017 by three experts, each of them having earned the reputation as a leader in their field.

In just a few years, the team at Quandela has already completed the design and construction of Prometheus, a high-quality generator of optical qubits based on single photons.

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