Sustainable Practices

At the European Quantum Technologies Conference (EQTC) 2023, we are deeply committed to practicing and promoting sustainable practices during our event. We believe it is our responsibility as organisers to power our events using processes which positively impact the environment. To embody this ethos, our decisions have been guided by a series of thoughtful selections that underlie our dedication to a greener future. 

1. A venue for today and tomorrow

Our commitment to sustainability extends to the event venue itself. This is emphasized by the venue’s accessibility via public transport options and an effective waste management policy, emphasizing recycling and composting. Our goal is to minimize our ecological footprint and host an event that promotes a more sustainable environment.

2. Sustainable Travel Practices

The venue enables us to advocate for sustainable travel methods as its location provides ease of access via public transportation or by car. By providing detailed information on our website about the local modes of public transportation, attendees can directly contribute to lower greenhouse gas emissions and reduced air pollution via utilising such travel arrangements. 

3. Bring Your Reusables

We encourage attendees to bring their reusable water bottles, coffee cups, and utensils to our event. By avoiding single-use plastics and disposables, attendees can help us minimise waste generation. By providing sustainable choices, event attendees can witness firsthand how large-scale gatherings can adopt procedures aimed at reducing their environmental impact. This, in turn, cultivates a heightened consciousness, nurturing a community of individuals committed to environmental change.

4. Plant-Powered Menu

We are proud to announce that our conference will exclusively offer an array of vegetarian dishes and snacks. By choosing plant-based options, we help attendees significantly reduce their ecological footprint, making a positive impact on the environment through their dietary choices.

5. Engage in Sustainable Conversations

By engaging in conversations about sustainable practices and sharing ideas, attendees can experience how large events can implement processes to minimise their footprint. In turn, creating awareness that fosters a community of environmentally conscious individuals, in the hopes to create a ripple effect of positive change.

By embracing these commitments as event organisers and encouraging individual attendees to take action, we can all actively contribute to a sustainable conference experience. Together, these efforts will create an event where sustainability is not just a goal but a shared responsibility. 

Thank you for joining us in this journey toward a greener, more mindful future.

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