Partner Spotlight – Sponsors of the EQTC 2023

Organising an event at the heart of the European research and innovation networks is only possible with the support of and collaboration with strong sponsors that are deeply steeped in the ecosystem and are eager to make EQTC 2023 an outstanding success. Let us introduce to you our three event sponsors. Together they are representing an incredible body of insight and technological prowess. As we spotlight them to you, be sure to tap into that insight by getting in touch with them during the exhibition!


Booth F03

Our gold sponsor EY is doing everything they can to make the world work better. This is what their claim “Building a better working world” stands for. With their comprehensive knowledge and the quality of their services, they strengthen confidence in capital markets and economies worldwide. In this way, they make an important contribution to changing the world – for their employees, their clients and society as a whole.


Booth F07

SaxonQ is providing technology that allows miniaturisation to the nanoscale. Without the need for vacuum or ultralow temperatures, they provide high fidelity qubits, based on SaxonQ generated diamond NV centres. It is optimal performance driven by quantum experts.

Most industry sectors require the ability to analyse complex data sets and simulated data outcomes. Researchers and analysts are oftentimes constrained by the speed of today’s binary computers. Quantum computers will revolutionise the speed at which these calculations are performed, accelerating and improving neural networks. This will unleash significant benefits across the industrial and financial landscape. They offer their customers the ability to grow with the continuous progress being made in quantum computing. As they develop the technology, the new capability can be quickly and easily rolled out to our customers.


Booth H14

Qunatrolox envisions a world where every quantum computer will be fully automated, enabling quantum scientists to spend less time tuning qubits and more time advancing quantum computing, thereby accelerating the path to practical quantum computers.

Their product Quantum Edge automates the tuning and optimization of superconducting quantum computers. It reduces the time for fundamental experiments such as resonator and qubit spectroscopy to mere seconds. Complex operations like randomised benchmarking become a breeze.

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