Back to the Quantum Future

Let’s call it a day for the second day of the European Quantum Technologies Conference. Today, our gaze shifted back and forth through the history and future of quantum technologies. Whereas ten years ago some were still saying that quantum technology would never be invested in for the next 30 years, today it is one of the main topics and is specifically supported by the funding mechanisms of the European Union, even leading to one of those phrases that gets stuck in your head during the conference: “We (EIC) probably have the most generous programme in the world”. With this in mind, today’s conference addressed more promising and established technologies than can be mentioned (e.g. converters between light and radio waves or solutions to the cryo-characterisation bottleneck) and also looked at the bigger picture, e.g. the European programmes Qu-Test, Qu-Pilot and the overlap between quantum research and the European Chips Act.

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