Beware of scams

We have been notified of a recent surge of scam mails sent in the name of the EQTC 2023 organisers. The sender, introducing themselves as Mia Jones and posing as Event Planning & Communication Manager, is offering the purchase of an attendee list for our event.

Unfortunately, participants and exhibitors across the event industry are being targeted by companies claiming to be, or work with, event organisers. They use existing event branding and may appear genuine. In the past, this has included directories and hotel bookings but companies are now also claiming they can sell visitor data from events. This is not the case.

We would like to use this unfortunate opportunity to reiterate our commitment to the safest ways and highest standards of handling attendee information:

  • We do not sell your data.
  • We do not share your data with third-party organisations.
  • Any offer you receive the purchase data for our event should be viewed suspiciously and treated with caution.

You will only receive event-related communication regarding your attendance at the EQTC 2023 from the domains of the hosting organisations (Quantum Flagship), (Quantum Valley Lower Saxony) as well as (the agency partner of the event).

Please check with us if you receive anything you are not expecting or are unsure of by sending a short note or forwarding unwanted messages to

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